UCS Forest Group Acquires Atlas Lumber of Chino California

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - May 19, 2014 – Warren Spitz, President and CEO of the UCS Forest Group of Companies is very pleased to advise that the UCS Forest Group has purchased the Atlas Lumber Company, located in Chino, California.

Atlas Lumber Company was founded by the Porter family in 1944, and as such is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. The company has a proud history and is highly respected in the industry. We are delighted that the Porter family has accepted the offer from Sierra, which will create an opportunity for substantial growth for the company, its employees, and stakeholders. We are also excited that Randy Porter will continue to manage Atlas as a division of Sierra Forest Products Inc. We look forward to building on the successful 70 year history of Atlas Lumber, and to welcome its wonderful team of people as our new teammates and friends.

It was apparent from the start of this process that the Porter Family and the Atlas team very much share values with our group, as well as a culture of providing customers with exceptional service and delivering high quality, sustainably sourced wood products. We are very excited about this opportunity to enter the California market, and to having this well-managed company and proud team join our group.

This transaction is consistent with the UCS Forest Group's strategy of growth and expansion in key North American markets in order to provide those markets with our value creation distribution model and to provide new opportunities for our outstanding team and stable of suppliers.

UCS Forest Group Acquires Atlas Lumber of Chino California



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