Community, Action and Making A Difference

Throughout the year, the Upper Canada Forest Products Team prides itself on the importance of our role within our communities and giving back to those in need. It is simply part of our culture. We understand that these needs are wide ranging and ever changing, and we strive to support in any way that we can.

True to our culture of commitment to our communities, volunteering along with financial donations are important ways we create incredible and lasting impact. We proudly support numerous charities locally, nationally and internationally, who do work that we believe in. As an organization, we have supported PLAN International for 3 decades, aiding children from Indonesia, Senegal, Vietnam, Thailand and India. Within our own local communities, our divisions participated in annual donations that included large amounts of food, toy and cash drives in support of their charity of choice. We are always proud to participate and help, especially during times like the holiday season, where the needs of our communities are more pronounced.

Not only do our employees partake in giving back to the community via volunteering and financial contributions, but our commitment to our environment is everlasting. With the increasing urgency being placed on climate change and its devastating effects on our planet, actions truly speak louder than words. Now, more than ever is the time to act! In 2020, Upper Canada will be financing the planting of 50,000 trees in the Appalachian region. Healthy forests are a major investment in the global movement to mitigate climate change and protecting the environment for future generations.

Volunteerism, charitable work and our dedication to environmental responsibility is the essence of who we are as a company. Whether it be dedicating a full day to supporting our communities, providing charitable donations or raising awareness and taking action for a good cause, sharing our time and energy with those around us creates a strong team spirit and fosters relationships that last for years to come.

Community, Action and Making a Difference



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