The Benefits of Adding to Your Bottom Line

Two years ago, Avonite Surfaces® 6mm material became the #1 Acrylic product for Upper Canada. Solid Surface 6mm sheets are typically used in cladding or shower surrounds, but can be utilized almost everywhere, in a multitude of applications including retail, healthcare and hospitality.

The X-Factor for Avonite Surfaces® is standard widths of 36”, 48” and 60” x 96” high. These are stock items and part of our recently launched Made To Stock Program (MTS). Our new MTS Program makes Aristech Surfaces LLC, the Manufacturer with the Largest Assortment of Sheet Sizes. Now, even 12mm solid surface acrylic sheets come in widths of 36”, 54” and 60” x 144” high, as a standard in 11 colours. In this Industry, no one else goes to 60” wide. This is how we deliver our difference and can add to your very, important bottom line.

ISPA Store Fixtures, a large retail fixture manufacturer working within North America, has been using solid surface for decades. Their Senior Estimator & Purchasing Manager, John Purchase, remembers when solid surface first came out decades ago in 30” x 144” slabs to compete with the “laminate, required to produce post formed counter tops.” He adds this typical size “doesn’t really work for our customized fixture requirements. Most of our fixtures are between 32” and 36” in depth. Avonite Surfaces® is the only company that offers multiple sheet sizes that suit our custom fixture business.” The extra wide sheet “allows us better yields and savings, over the standard 30” x 144”. We waste far less material utilizing the sheet sizes offered.” Purchase, a veteran estimator, always getting the best for his clients, noted pricing is very competitive too. ISPA’s work with Scotia Bank in White 6mm and 12mm Red Fuego, above, shows the beauty and workmanship of ISPA using Avonite Surfaces® sheets.

You may be asking, how is this going to contribute to my bottom line. Whether it’s a reception desk counter and façade or a hospital hallway, bigger sheet widths increase your bottom line by providing stacked savings. Eliminating or lowering number of seams, subsequently creates a drastic reduction in fabrication and installation labour hours. It can reduce waste, shipping fees and disposal costs. Another further bonus is reduction or eradication of adhesive. These multiple lowered costs add up quickly and may be the edge you need to win that bid.

However, the real advantage of using Avonite Surfaces® MTS to add to your Bottom Line doesn’t have an associated $ value. Nothing compares to peace of mind and having your project completed quickly, on schedule or even ahead of time, with fewer or no seams, nor seam line issues, freeing up you, your production schedule and team for the next job ... Priceless.

Article written and provided by Susan Rayer, Territory Sales Manager - Canada for Aristech Surfaces LLC.

The Benefits of Adding to Your Bottom Line



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