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Uniboard TFL

Capturing the essence of natural beauty, earthy textures and soft natural fabrics, Uniboard® TFL goes beyond quality to attain the perfect balance between commercial and residential design. These TFL designs will rejuvenate and bring life to all types of building projects. Uniboard® TFL surfaces have long been a favoured choice among architects, designers, builders and manufacturers.

Introducing Uniboard Design 360

Uniboard® offers new high resolution files in different formats, including the full sheet. These files have the appearance of real products and are perfectly calibrated for all types of web usage. Uniboard® also provides a turnkey solution for all 3D design software such as 2020, SketchUp, Cabinet Vision, Vectorworks, Autodesk, etc. Find out how Design 360 lets you design with confidence!

Why Uniboard TFL?

  • Offers a luxurious collection of cool, neutral woodgrains, exotics and linear designs
  • Warm, natural tones that bear a stunning resemblance to real wood
  • WoodPrint DUO TechnologyTM is the first synchronized texture in thermofused laminates in North America
  • Comes in a wide selection of industry grades, sizes and thicknesses

A natural wood veneer finish, Aura has a low lustre polish and complex woodgrain that mimics real wood.

A modern, linear woodgrain finish that accentuates, in a subtle way, the look and feel of real wood.

Uniboard Bistro

Brushed Elm

This is a high-end luxurious deep brushed wood texture. The matte-oiled surface replicates hours of hand polishing emphasizing the natural cathedrals, straight grain and cross cut characteristics of this wood pattern. The 3D nature of this finish creates beautiful relief and light reflections in all vertical and horizontal applications. 

Uniboard Aura

Imitating linen fiber, this finish provides all the softness and versatility of a woven material. The subtle crossing of textile fibers accentuates the relief decoration and makes it soft and pliable appearance.

Uniboard Dolomite

Often referred to as a base finish, the Dolomite finish has a medium reflective quality that hides fingerprints and wear over the long-term.


Nobella is an exclusive synchronized deep wood texture crafted by Milan’s leading design community. Inspired by Italy’s best modern styles, produced here, in North America.

Linear and 3D, the Rio finish offers an authentic modern brushed surface texture. The rustic decor is enhanced by this rich and highlighted texture.

Uniboard Rio

Riviera Oak
Pushing the boundaries of the likeness of a real wood texture, it brings together different circular and linear patterns reminiscent of the elegance of the Oak woodgrain.

Uniboard Woodprint

This finish is characterized by a deep relief that provides a pronounced 3D visual.

Uniboard Supermat

Allowing to play with depth effects. This smooth and matte finish is prized for its touch of lightness.

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Uniboard TFL
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