Upper Canada BC Launches Edgebanding By Panefri

Every edge, every corner, every detail counts when you’re aiming for perfection. We can help you get there with our quality line of edgebanding by Panefri. 

Woodgrains have always been a flagship offer for Panefri. They take pride in creating a smooth transition from the beauty of the surface to the precision of the Panefri edge. Their edgebands have a “grain through” effect, and show the lines of the woodgrain even after trimming. Their superior production techniques allows for these finishes available on woodgrains, abstract tones, stone finishes, and many more.

Super Gloss has a look like no other. It’s clear and reflective look outshines other, high gloss options.

The Super Matte finish is as smooth as can be. It is warm and comforting and will compliment any matte surface you choose.

Why Panefri?

• Offering woodgrains, solids and patterns
• Manufactured using either ABS or Acrylic
• Hot air compatible available and stocked in popular colours
• Stocked dimensions 1mm thick x 23mm wide
• Custom colours and dimensions available

Learn more about Panefri here or contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant for more information.

Upper Canada BC Launches Edgebanding By Panefri



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