Upper Canada Alberta is Growing!

CALGARY, ALBERTA - On Monday Feb 18, 2012, Upper Canada Calgary Division expanded their warehouse facility by 50% increasing the total floor space to 60,000 sq ft! The expansive new space allows the Ops Team to pull orders more efficiently and with less digging since rows are only 2 deep now. This provides for faster turnaround time on orders... and happier customers!

A dedicated space for staging the next day deliveries has been created. This helps to optimize an increased number of loads going out of town. Starting Feb 25 we are increasing service to Edmonton to 5 days a week, Southern Alberta to 3 days a week and Eastern Alberta to 2 times per week. This increase in service level allows us to service more customers, more frequently, and more efficiently for an overall win-win.

The larger space allows Calgary Ops to preload trucks the night before allowing the drivers to get the trucks rolling first thing in the morning.

The new expansion also gives the Calgary Ops Team a dedicated office area, allowing them to work more efficiently.

The next stage for this expansion is to place an assortment of 4’x8’ panels in racks to reduce the time walk-in customers wait for their orders.

Upper Canada Alberta is Growing!



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