Upper Canada Vancouver Office Renovates Using Avonite, Polylac and Element Veneer

Beckville Woodcrafts
Gordon Mackenzie Architect
Jeff Henderson Construction

Start to Finish

It took approximately 7 months from shop drawings to final installation.

Why this Project
At a distance it looks clean and simple, but looks can be deceiving. A variety of intricate components and materials all came together to make this project extraordinary. The solid surface portion was subcontracted to SSC Countertops who put Avonite to the test. Part of the office woodwork required “paper drops” in the work surface; a lower section of the work top designated for work orders. Instead of a square drop, a multiple 2” radius was fabricated on the solid surface giving it a much smoother flow and adding an element of workmanship.

One of the more challenging parts of the project was to create a “clean office” look, free of wires, visible grommets and electrical boxes, while still accommodating the client’s needs. This was achieved and more.

The challenge on the solid surface was that the work surface front edge was self-supported. SSC commented that it was especially difficult, when thermoforming, to remain straight over a long distance.

There were a variety of materials used on this project. Polylac high gloss decorative panels, pre-stained engineered Element Veneer panels, aluminum laminate, Avonite solid surface and even a bit of metal frame work.

Excitement came from dealing with “out of the box” designs and materials that are rarely used and sometimes never seen or heard of.

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Info Source:  AWMAC BC Benchmark Magazine, April 2017

Upper Canada Vancouver Office Renovates Using Avonite, Polylac and Element Veneer



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