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Novelteak Teaklam Z Panels

Novelteak is the largest FSC® certified Teak producer and exporter in Central America with a fully integrated cycle from seed to final product. Novelteak’s forest management programs and industrial processes are FSC certified ensuring their impact is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable.

Why Novelteak?

  • #1 Teak producer and exporter in Costa Rica and the region
  • Largest sawmill and wood industry in Costa Rica and region
  • Largest Teak product portfolio
  • Flexible production capacity to develop new products and solutions
  • FSC Certified

Our Stocking Program:

Teaklam Z panels all in 4’x8’ in thickness of 20mm 25mm 38mm and 45mm

Teaklam Z Panel (TKLM Z)

50/50 mix heartwood and sapwood best face. Live knots allowed. No pith, decolouration, blue stain, pinholes, cracks or dead knots allowed.

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Novelteak Teaklam Z Panels
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