Now Available at Upper Canada - ACRE™by Modern Mill

Upper Canada is proud to introduce ACRE by Modern Mill, a green alternative product line. Innovatively made with upcycled fibers from discarded rice hulls, this groundbreaking product outperforms many traditional building materials. Durable, workable, and lightweight, ACRE is suitable in countless applications with its longevity and ease of handling.

Manufactured in the United States from landfill-bound rice hulls, ACRE is characterized with a far smaller environmental footprint than other building materials. ACRE has a unique and groundbreaking ability to perform, feel, and handle like real wood. As an alternative building material, it offers a fresh new take on beauty and sustainability. Sustainably produced and authentically organic, ACRE by Modern Mill is the optimal building material for any number of interior and exterior applications—from cabinetry and doors to wall cladding and decking.

Why ACRE by Modern Mill

  • Water, weather, pest and rot resistant
  • Industry leading Limited Lifetime guarantee for a period of 80 years
  • Easily workable – easy to stain, paint, rout, mill or digitally print
  • Uniform texture and finish-ready edge throughout
  • Customizable and flexible – available in sheets, trim, decking and siding

To place an order or request a sample, please contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant.

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Now Available at Upper Canada - ACRE™by Modern Mill



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