Current Information and FAQ on Upper Canada and COVID-19

As a valuable partner to Upper Canada Forest Products we want to share some comprehensive information, put together by Woodworking Network to help you understand what the Canadian and Provincial Governments are offering in terms of COVID-19 relief programs, including links for finding additional information and resources.


Q. Is Upper Canada considered exempt from the various “Stay-at-Home" orders?
A. We have been designated as essential, delivering vital products in support of the construction industry. Therefore, we will be continuing to service our customers going forward in our normal course of business across the regions we serve. We will advise should there be any change to this in the future.

Q. Are our divisions still open to ship?
A. Yes be assured that our teams are fully at the ready to process phone and digital communications orders and all of our divisions are currently still taking orders and shipping materials out to our customers on a daily basis.

Q. What is Upper Canada doing to protect our customers? Or employees?
A. Please know that your health and that of your employees is foremost on our minds, as it is for our employees and their families. As a result, all our employees other than operations staff are working from home and have effectively been self-isolated since Monday March 16, 2020. We have also ceased “will call” pick-ups to avoid unplanned contact for our people. We have and will continue to observe all recommended COVID-19 protocols in our facilities as well as in the field. Our drivers have been instructed to call before any deliveries, not to enter your premises without invitation and permission, to maintain social distancing, and to use hand sanitizer before and after every delivery.

Q. Are our divisions still receiving new shipments of material?
A. Yes, we are taking deliveries, but please call ahead for further instructions on how we will manage the delivery process.

Q. How do I get in touch with a division to place an order?
A. All of our Sales Consultants are working and can be reached via mobile number or through their email. Our divisions can also be reached via:


Q. What are the hours of operation for our divisions?
A. Our divisions are open regular hours from 8am – 5pm. This is subject to change however, so please call ahead.

Q. How do customers get in touch with Accounts Receivable?
Our Credit and Collections Team are working remotely and are available to answer any customer account questions or concerns. All of our existing phone and emails remain unchanged. We can also be reached at

Q. How do suppliers get in touch with Accounts Payable?
A. Our Accounts Payable Team are working remotely and are available to answer any vendor account questions or concerns. Please reach us at

Current Information and FAQ on Upper Canada and COVID-19



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