Lightweight Poplar Plywood with a Smooth Uniform Primed Surface – Garnica’s Performance Panels

Garnica challenges the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding clients. The lightweight panels are notable for an array of exceptional properties including consistent quality, stability, and machinability.

Specifically made for the most demanding applications, such as in kitchens where a high-quality panel is required for a subsequent finish or perfect paintwork, Performance Ultra-Smooth by Garnica is a premium Poplar plywood with an exceptionally smooth uniform primed surface. These ready-to-paint panels are designed to save you time and money in the fabrication process, using either prime both sides or prime one side and other side with UV clear Maple techniques.

What are the benefits of Garnica’s Performance Ultra-Smooth?

  • Exceptionally smooth primed surface (400 sanding grain)
  • Very easy to sand, non-telegraphed surface with excellent colour retention
  • Superior surface hardness and high impact resistance
  • No checking or splitting
  • High resistance in moist environments with minimal swelling and no delamination

In addition, its sustainably managed Poplar premium composition offers the best performance:

  • Premium single piece core veneers
  • No telegraphing
  • Exceptional lightness and easy of machining
  • Great stability and surface quality

To place an order or request a sample, please contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant.

To learn more about Performance Ultra-Smooth by Garnica, browse the collection here.

Garnica’s Performance Panels



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