Upper Canada Hosts In-House NHLA Lumber Grading Course

Partnering with the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), our Vancouver Team successfully hosted an in-house lumber grading course for valued customers and employees at their office this past January.

Instructed by well-respected NHLA Inspector Jack English, the two day course focused heavily on the tally and measurement of lumber and provided a thorough overview of hardwood lumber grading and standards.

Customers and employees learned about alternative grades that could work for their applications. The ultimate goal was to help the attendees gain a clearer understanding of grades that would lead to:

  • Customer satisfaction – help in making educated purchasing decisions; buying the right materials the first time
  • Saving money – an understanding of possible alternative grades that will benefit the bottom line
  • Spending wisely – verification that they are purchasing what they think they’re purchasing
  • Sharing the knowledge – answers to employee’s questions about grade

 If you are interested in attending an NHLA Grading Course please contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant for the next course in your area.

Upper Canada Hosts In-House NHLA Lumber Grading Course



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