Innovation that Challenges Flames: Garnica’s Fire Rated European Poplar Core Hardwood Plywood

Garnica challenges the ordinary by exploring the limits of perfection to engineer the finest plywood for the most demanding clients. Their lightweight panels are notable for an array of exceptional properties including consistent quality, stability, and machinability.

Designed for use in commercial interiors or other applications where resistance to fire is required, Fireshield® by Garnica is an improved fire rated European Poplar core hardwood plywood. Rigorously tested and certified, these plywood panels are modified using an innovative treatment that renders the entire panel exceptionally fire resistant – highest level of certified resistance (ASTM E84 Class A) – even after sanding or machining.

What are the benefits of Fireshield®?

  • Significantly slows down carbonization speed
  • Low fumes, low opacity and non-toxic
  • Low expansion in case of fire
  • Does not contribute to flame spread
  • Resists shedding or emission of flaming material
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity

In addition, its sustainably managed Poplar premium composition offers the best performance:

  • Premium single piece core veneers
  • No telegraphing
  • Exceptional lightness
  • Easy of machining
  • Great stability and surface quality

Fireshield® is ideal contract projects such hospitals, schools, restaurants, airports and even for homes. It can be used for structures, flooring, walls, ceilings and furniture.

For a sampling of this exciting new line, contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant.

To learn more about Fireshield® by Garnica, browse the Garnica Collection.

Garnica Fireshield



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