Sierra Salt Lake City helps a local nurse make the playtime of little Haitians brighter

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Sierra SLC donated some odd-and-ends of scrap wood that accumulates over the normal course of our business to a great local company called “The Happy Factory” in Cedar City, Utah. The Happy Factory gathers scrap from local cabinet shops to build small wooden toys and ships them to needy areas all over the world.

Recently Eric Larson surprised the local charity when he delivered several boxes containing 300 of the cutest little wooden cars the nurse had ever seen. Soon they were in the hands of young Haitians. The nurse and her team travels to Haiti twice a year to conduct medical clinics in rural villages where there is no consistent medical care. The locals in these villages are incredibly poor and have very little. The children play in the dirt with rocks and cans because they have no toys.

It’s hard to express how appreciative the kids coming to the clinics were to receive these fun toys. While they are happy with anything they receive, there was such joy in the faces of these darling children when they received their "machin" (which means "car" in Haitian Creole)! They were showing them to one another, comparing and admiring the different designs. They were pushing them along the floors, on the walls, on each other and the medical staff. It doesn’t take much to truly make a difference and brighten the lives of young children.

To date, over 1,140,000 “Happy Factory” toys have been given to more than 600 different organizations, groups and people in 180 countries. Happy Factory workers don’t make a dime and the gifting is still gathering momentum... and we played a role in this too!

Sierra Salt Lake City helps a local nurse make the playtime of little Haitians brighter



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