Upper Canada Contributes to the First Commercial LEED® V4 Platinum Project in Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – February 15, 2017 - Upper Canada Forest Products is proud to announce that we are among a powerful group of contributors who came together to create the first commercial LEED® V4 Platinum Project in Canada - the Canada Green Building Council’s (CaGBC) new Vancouver office. This building has been certified LEED® V4 Platinum for Interior Design and Construction.

Earning a LEED® v4 Platinum certification – one of the most trying green building standards in the world – rested on a few key components including the selection of an appropriate project location, collaborating with industry leaders and selecting appropriate building materials that had life-cycle information available, as well as environmentally, economically, and socially desirable effects. The building materials that Upper Canada Forest Products provided for this project included Fir Plywood and Pionite, which were an important contributing factor.

Upper Canada strives to be a workplace that is dedicated to environmental awareness in all facets of our work, focused on protecting and improving the quality of our workplace and the communities in which we live. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability was the foundation for our decision to support CaGBC in the construction of green, healthy buildings. The main goal of this new office was to provide a high-performing, sustainable, and strong space that reflects the innovation and growth in the Canadian green building industry. We are very honoured to have been part of this successful project and are thrilled to celebrate this important achievement.

About Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC)

The CaGBC is the leading national organization dedicated to advancing green building and sustainable community development practices. As the voice of green building in Canada, they work closely with their national and chapter members to make every building greener. The CaGBC reduces environmental impacts from the built environment through project certification, advocacy and research, and has helped meet the demand for skilled workers by providing green building education to over 20,000 professionals across the country since 2002.

Upper Canada Contributes to the First Commercial LEED® V4 Platinum Project in Canada



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