Uniboard: 35 Years of Success and Innovation

This year, Uniboard celebrates its 35th anniversary. Since its inception, Uniboard has set the pace in TFL and raw board innovation with the mission of Redefining Wood®. It all began in Sayabec, in December 1982, when one of the largest particleboard and TFL facilities in North America produced its first panel. The Sayabec mill is now one of the most advanced raw board and TFL facilities in North America. Over $200 million has been invested in the last 2 years, with such notable projects as its state of the art TFL Press 6 in Sayabec and its new dryer technology in Val-d’Or. When it comes to modern and functional design, Uniboard has been redefining wood for 35 years. Guided by simplicity and sophistication, Uniboard leads the industry alongside the European innovators who have long held the world’s highest production standards.

10 Awe-Inspiring Designs

Uniboard’s passion for design is reflected in its most recent collection, designed with realism and balance in mind. Last November, Uniboard launched 3 Urban Cherries, 3 Dorato Oaks, a redesigned Exotic Wood, a unique Crosscut design and 2 very trendy Metallic Greys. Each colour contains subtle variations which, when combined with finishes, mirror the best of nature’s riches.

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Uniboard: 35 Years of Success and Innovation



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