When There's a Will, There's a Way! Partnership and Delivering the Difference to Woodlogix Interior

When Upper Canada Forest Products got a call that a customer was interested in a design that wasn’t available in the market yet, we made it happen.

Working on a new, consolidated Ontario Court of Justice – Halton Provincial Offences Office Courthouse - in Burlington, Ontario, Woodlogix Interior, a leading manufacturer of high-end architectural millwork, was looking for material to complete the ceiling of the new 34,000 square foot facility. Designed by +VG Architects, the updated space was modern with many rustic elements, including an interior of Rift-Cut Red Oak straight paneling, so the desire was for a material that would match this décor effortlessly, quickly, and on fire-rated MDF core.

Woodlogix reached out to Upper Canada, specifying their needs accordingly and inquired about one of ARAUCO’s newest Prism TFL colours WF442 Chique in a Velvet finish – a design that was not yet available, but was of interest to the manufacturer.

“Based on the colour and pattern, Chique was the closest match to the Red Oak interior. The finish was very beautiful. Once we showed a sample of it to the architect, they loved it and were adamant about using this for the ceiling,” said Omer Syed, Senior Project Manager of Woodlogix Interior.


Not only was the Prism TFL design a close match to the already in place interior, it was available in a size where no additional time would need to be spent cutting, it would simply require edgebanding – a rather quick adjustment. While initially suggesting a wood veneer and stain to the architect for the project, the quality, finish, size and time saved on not having to cut and stain, the Prism material would prove to make WF442 Chique the ultimate choice.

Sourcing a design that wasn’t on the market yet, coupled with the recent changes in the trucking industry, and the fact that it had to be on MDF fire-rated core in a three-week timeframe had its challenges. But, working in close conjunction with members of the ARAUCO team, Upper Canada was able to make the impossible, possible. Originally having to ask Woodlogix to extend its three-week lead time, in the end ARAUCO was able to come through and produce ahead of this extension and Upper Canada was able to deliver the material on time.  

“Our customers come first” said Ian Christie, Sales Representative at Upper Canada Ontario. “We worked very hard with the ARAUCO team to find a way to get this done. It would have been easier just to say no way it’s not possible, but we don’t work that way at Upper Canada. While we had a lot stacked against us in making this come to fruition, we continuously reassured Woodlogix it was doable, and that’s exactly what we did. We Delivered the Difference.”

At Upper Canada, we take great pride in being able to Deliver the Difference and building a strong rapport with our customers for years to come.

To learn more about Woodlogix Interior, please visit www.woodlogix.com.

To learn more about ARAUCO Prism, please visit www.arauco.cl

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