As Europe’s leading producer of real wood veneered boards, Losán manufactures high-end panels for a wide range of residential & commercial applications.

Stocking locations

Available in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada.

What is Losán?

Manufactured using wood of superior quality, Losán offers the finest collection of veneered panels. Losán produces appealing surfaces inspired by nature with excellent technical properties make it the ideal solution. Working closely with architects, designers and furniture manufacturers, Losán veneered panels are crafted to add a touch of elegance and natural sensations to any project that cannot be imitated by artificial materials.

Florán® by Losán

The Florán® by Losán Collection consists of warm, homey wood featuring deep hues and beautiful textures that maintain a sturdy appeal. Timelessly classic, Florán® by Losán’s oak range is ideally suited to restrained designs with a rustic effect.

Using environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, the heart and soul of Losán can befound in forests. The conservation and regeneration of forests is one of Losán’s top priorities.

Why Florán® by Losán?

  • Veneered panels manufactured using real wood
  • Matching 1mm x 23mm edge tape available
  • 8 available textures, including smooth, brushed, rough cut and Tex Top®
  • CARB2 and TSCA Title VI (standard) available upon request

Download Florán® by Losán brochure here.

Hotán® Harmony

The Hotán® Harmony Collection is a high-performing, acoustically advanced series of wooden panels with incredible sound-absorbing properties. Combining elegant Oak, Ash, or Walnut veneer with MDF on black felt panels, Hotán® Harmony significantly improves room acoustics. Ideal for ceilings and walls, these durable panels are pre-built and easily installed. Clean and straight wooden slats create a stunning visual effect. Hotán® Harmony is a truly revolutionary acoustic wooden panel.

Why Hotán® Harmony?

  • Offered in four species including Smoked Oak, European Oak, Ash, and Walnut
  • Designed to reduce noise up to 50% in the room they are installed
  • FSC® Certified Available
  • Sleek linear lines create modern effect
  • Pre-built and easily installed

Download Hotán® Harmony Collection brochure here.

Sumán® Veneered Panels

Bring wood to the heart of your project with Sumán®. Offering custom wood solutions for sophisticated, high-end designs and sustainable interiors, Sumán® supplies superior Veneered Panels.

This finished collection of real wood veneers is an excellent pairing of warm, beautiful colors with sophisticated finishing. These lacquered veneers are structurally sound and intensely appealing. From Walnut to Eucalyptus, Sumán® offers many hardwood veneers in a wide array of woodgrain patterns and colors. Smoked, stained, or dyed, each veneer comes pre-finished and intricately plank matched to create distinct faces across every panel. The finest moments are possible with Sumán®.

Why Sumán®?

  • Rift, quartered and plain cuts available
  • Offered in Eucalyptus, Walnut, and White Oak
  • Each Veneered Panel comes pre-finished and uniquely colored from fuming, dying or staining
  • TSCA Title VI Compliant and FSC® Certified Available
  • Distinct woodgrain character with emphasis on rustic effect

Download Sumán® Veneered Panels brochure here.

To learn more about Losán products, contact our Sales Representatives here.

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