REHAU North America provides polymer-based solutions for interior spaces that combine functionality, durability and quality to meet wide-ranging needs.

Stocking locations 

Available in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada. 

What is REHAU?

RAUVISIO surface solutions by REHAU combine functionality with extreme durability and countless design options. Each surface, meticulously chosen, to give you an edge – in quality, composition and scheme. Presenting a new angle in design with complementing collections that can define a space.


Forged with the finest materials to create a monotonic matte surface, RAUVISIO noir™ builds a refined foundation for even the most exuberant designs.  

Why RAUVISIO noir ™?

  • Double-sided matte for a true monolithic panel
  • Extremely durable with independent healing
  • Deeply light-absorbent surface withstands scratches and fingerprints while providing the deepest, touchable matte

Download RAUVISIO noir™ brochure here.


An extremely durable, deeply textured surface RAUVISIO terra™ is made from high pressure laminate (HPL) rather than thermally fused laminate (TFL) paper. Components feature double-sided woodgrain with matching REHAU LaserEdge™ edgebanding.

Why RAUVISIO terra™?

  • Unique soft touch
  • Impact-resistant HPL exceeds durability of TFL

Download RAUVISIO terra™ brochure here.


Add sophistication and practical benefits to any design space with RAUVISIO shade™, an outstanding super-matte Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) surface for all types of commercial and residential applications.

Why RAUVISIO shade™ ?

  • Superior UV stability
  • Scratch, fingerprint and bacteria resistant

Download RAUVISIO shade™ brochure here.

RAUVISIO crystal™

Gives all the beauty of back-painted glass with none of the drawbacks. RAUVISIO crystal™ is a lightweight, yet durable polymer surface that creates a deep and genuine aesthetic when coupled with REHAU LaserEdge™ seamless edgebanding.

Why RAUVISIO crystal™?

  • 10x more break-resistant than real glass
  • Scratch and UV-resistant

Download RAUVISIO crystal™ brochure here.

RAUVISIO brilliant™

Offering the highest quality in high gloss, RAUVISIO brilliant™ features double-sided, high gloss acrylic surfaces laminated onto super-refined medium density fiberboard (MDF) in a PUR clean room environment to ensure a mirror-like reflective quality.

Why RAUVISIO brilliant™?

  • 20+ years of UV stability
  • Mirror-like reflective quality
  • Double-sided high gloss for a true monolithic panel

Download RAUVISIO brilliant™ brochure here.


REHAU is recognized in the industry as a leading edging supplier, systematically expanding their role in the architectural millwork and woodworking community by providing the latest technology in edging. REHAU ABS Edgebanding offers not only color and grain-matching technology but can also be customized to match the texture of the surface to which it is applied. 

Cabinet Doors Program

Modern design made easy. REHAU delivers modern design to your door in days. With zero-joint perfection and 100+ finishes, REHAU takes the stress out of modern cabinet design and lets you do what you do best - satisfy your customers. Whether you are creating a high-end kitchen, bathroom or dining room in an individual home, or outfitting an entire condominium complex, REHAU Cabinet Doors complete with perfectly-matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology add a touch of elegance and new dimension to your design.

Download REHAU Cabinet Doors brochure here.

To learn more about REHAU products, contact our Sales Representatives here.

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