Capturing the essence of natural beauty, earthy textures and soft natural fabrics, Uniboard® TFL goes beyond quality to attain the perfect balance between commercial and residential design.

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What is Uniboard®?

A leading North American manufacturer of engineered wood products, Uniboard® is renowned for having one of the most extensive product portfolios in Canada and the USA. As the innovator in decorative composite wood panels, Uniboard® has been redefining wood for over 35 years. Uniboard®'s products cater to the kitchen cabinet, furniture, office, home renovation and construction industries.

Uniboard® TFL

Always on the lookout for the latest trends and passionate about design, the Uniboard® thermally fused laminate (TFL) collection offers innovative textures that capture the essence of nature’s inherent beauty, soft natural fabrics and authentic earthy textures.

From organically inspired designs to trendy solids, Uniboard®’s leading edge colour palette observes modern urban trends as well as rustic and reclaimed styles - perfect for retail, residential and institutional applications.

Why Uniboard® TFL?

  • From specialty linear 3D textures to European high gloss, comes in a wide range of finishes that can match any laminate surface
  • Non-porous decorative surface, making it an inhospitable environment for microorganisms to grow and live, so that they can be easily cleaned and disinfected repeatedly without damaging their design, beauty or performance
  • Complimentary high pressure laminate (HPL) and edgebanding available

Our warehouses also stock:

Uniboard® Particleboard

Manufactured using specially bonded, top-quality wood fibers with a proprietary resin formulation, Uniboard®’s particleboard is an ideal choice for commercial and residential applications.

Why Uniboard® Particleboard?

  • Smooth, dense and non-porous surface making it ideal for laminating and machining
  • Easy to cut, giving it a clean result without chipping, optimizing production time and minimizing waste
  • Available in Nu Green 2® ULEF (Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde), making it very environmentally friendly
  • Available raw or thermaly fused laminate (TFL) finished with your choice of design from the Uniboard® TFL collection
  • FSC® and ECC™ certified, potentially contributing to LEED® points

Uniboard® MDF

Manufactured from softwoods and hardwoods, Uniboard®’s medium density fiberboard (MDF) is produced using the latest in manufacturing technology. From the 9-foot continuous press to super refining and the latest in sanding and cutting technologies, this renowned solid wood substitute is unmatched in terms of product performance, flexibility and consistent product characteristics.

Why Uniboard® MDF?

  • Superior surface quality, uniform density, precisely controlled thickness and sanding smoothness
  • Well suited for a range of applications including residential and commercial furniture, store fixtures, cabinets, millwork, and moulding.
  • Available in Excel+®MR10, Excel, Standard, MR50 and Fire-Resistant grades and can be ordered in the industry’s widest selection of dimensions and thicknesses
  • Available raw or thermally fused laminate (TFL) finished with your choice of design from the Uniboard® TFL collection
  • FSC® and ECC™ certified, potentially contributing to LEED® points

Uniboard® HPL

Uniboard®’s high pressure laminate (HPL) is a durable surface material made with their finishes and decorative papers, applied on an impact resistant kraft paper back. Manufactured at the Sayabec facility in Quebec, this facility ensures that the surface texture match is perfectly aligned to Uniboard®’s decorative composite wood panels (TFL). Suitable for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications including cabinetry, case goods and furniture.

Introducing Uniboard® Design 360

Uniboard® offers new high resolution files in different formats, including full sheets. These files have the appearance of real products and are perfectly calibrated for all types of web usage. Uniboard® also provides a turnkey solution for all 3D design software such as 2020, SketchUp, Cabinet Vision, Vectorworks, Autodesk, etc.

Find out how Design 360 lets you design with confidence!

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