Edgemate® is a manufacturer of quality veneer sheets and edgebanding products with an extensive selection of veneer species.


Kitchen Cabinet, Vanity Cabinet, Residential & Commercial Furniture, Risers

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What is Edgemate?

Edgemate® provides a variety of quality products including veneer sheets, veneer edgebanding, prefinished edgebanding, profile wrapping edgebanding, thick wood edgbanding strip and rolls, polyester and TFL edgebanding, PVC, and hot-melt adhesives.  

Using state- of-the-art equipment and technology combined with dynamic raw veneer resource management allows Edgemate® to produce a range of veneer products unmatched in the industry.

Fleece Edge CVR

The 'original' backed automatic coiled veneer edging featuring a specially saturated fleece membrane, which has been laminated in a continuous process to carefully selected veneers. The expertly matched finger joints and fine sanding provide a cost effective and beautiful real wood edge treatment.

Why Fleece Edge CVR by Edgemate®? 

  • Offers the most aggressive stocking program in North America with the dozens of widths and species available to meet any requirement.
  • Fleece back coiled veneer (CVR) stabilizes the edging to help prevent splitting, tearing and checking.
  • Provides stronger adhesive bond at finger joints, eliminating separation and popping, and producing the tightest and virtually undetectable joints in the industry.
  • Cleaner and smoother trim, allowing for faster run time.
  • Superior bonding surface.
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