Element Veneer

Element Veneer provides consistent colour, unique grain patterns and contemporary designs.


Bath, Indoor Furniture, Interior Millwork, Kitchen, Storage & Closet

Stocking locations

Available in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada.

What is Element Veneer? 

  • Also known as “engineered”, “composite” or “reconstituted” veneer
  • Real wood re-engineered to look like other wood species
  • Uses fast growing sustainably managed species: Obeche (similar to Poplar) and Basswood
  • An environmentally responsible alternative to using rare and exotic wood species
  • Available as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)

Element Veneer's line of composite veneers brings together state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and the best of what nature has to offer. 

Through the use of environmentally friendly materials from managed forests, comes an extensive line of engineered natural wood veneers that ensures uniformity and repeatability of grain and colour sheet to sheet.

Why Element Veneer?

  • Offers the most contemporary designs sought after today
  • Consistent color and grain patterns - FSC® Certified available
  • Uses TSCA VI compliant cores of MDX, MDF and PB 
  • Available for immediate shipment 
To learn more about Element Veneer products, contact our Sales Representatives here.