Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker Products is a premier manufacturer of hardwood plywood and other wooden products. 


Indoor Furniture, Interior Millwork, Kitchen, Stairs

Stocking locations

Available in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary and Edmonton in Canada.

What is Mt. Baker?

All Mt. Baker hardwood plywood is manufactured using a no added urea formaldehyde glue (NAUF glue) which is soy based and ecofriendly.

Manufacturing hardwood plywood in their own facility gives Mt. Baker the ability to work with customers to identify the right product at the best value.

Why Mt. Baker?  

  • Core types: Euro- core (Baltic Birch), X- Branded MDF, MDF, PB, VC, and ultra- low emitting formaldehyde is the standard glue used as well as NAUF, NAF, FSC certified and recycled composite cores.
  • Offers panels of various species, veneer grades, cuts and patterns.
  • FSC® certified available.
To learn more about Mt. Baker products, contact our Sales Representatives here.