Changing landscapes: design in perpetuity with Accoya®

The Preserve at Oak Meadows Golf Course Clubhouse reimagined with the beauty and versatility of Accoya®.

Once a Tudor-style mansion, the clubhouse at the Oak Meadows golf course in Chicago, IL has undergone a stylistic redesign while maintaining its historical and cultural relevancy in DuPage County. When the original 50,000 square foot clubhouse was shockingly struck by lightning, an opportunity arose to revitalize this community space. Known for its environmental preservation, inclusiveness, accessibility and beauty – the golf course balances recreation and conservation and looked to instill the same balance in the clubhouse redesign. 

DuPage County Forest Preserve put forth plans to build an 18,000 square foot oasis that complements the natural beauty of its surrounding landscape. The structure was reimagined to incorporate large windows overlooking the Preserve, native plants, and stone and wood exteriors as well as interiors to create a naturally inviting environment. Each section was posed to highlight the beauty of nature. Efficient, modern and sustainable, the clubhouse was built to function simultaneously as a hospitality, educational and recreational center in a future forward way. 

An integral part of designing the new clubhouse was to ensure efficient, sustainable materials be used to construct the building. As a leading, high performance product, Accoya® was chosen for its sustainability and high versatility. Aesthetically pleasing, Accoya® complements both the beauty of the Preserve and the ethos of the organization. Manufactured using groundbreaking acetylation technology, the wood is modified uniformly through its cross section instead of at its surface. The material is altered to repel moisture, reduce shrinking and swelling, and is nontoxic with exceptional dimensional stability. 

The clubhouse was specified for completion after the momentous golf course project was completed. Architectural handoffs delayed its opening, and the project slowed due to the high traffic of the golf course still in full swing. Covid-19 further delayed the project as supply chain shortages abounded throughout the industry. Accoya's supply continued throughout the pandemic and withstood the tests of product selection made possible through the ready communication and reliability of our team.  

Delivering the Difference

We strive towards environmental sustainability, with forests being our most renewable resource. We remain committed to sourcing products from suppliers that meet high environmental standards and responsible forestry practices. By Delivering the Difference to our customers, we allow them to create transformative pieces of workmanship that challenge previously held notions of the built environment.

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