Accoya® Color deck overlooks the Swiss Alps

Schuler Holzbau chooses Accoya® Color for decking

Accoya Color was chosen for this project located in Altdorf UR, situated in central Switzerland. It was essential that the material used for the outdoor decking be durable to combat the harsh weather conditions of Switzerland. Luckily, for homeowners of the property, harsh weather does not limit the longevity of the decking when Accoya Color is used. This is because the grey wood is coloured through to the core, requiring less maintenance, so our customers can be assured that it will last a lifetime.

Despite there being a wide variety of decking materials available, it is rare for a coloured decking material to be ultra-high performance; this is where Accoya Color comes in as an unbeatable choice. Schuler Holzbau has used Accoya for previous projects, but never Accoya Color. Accoya Color was the perfect solution for this project, in particular, to act as a darker contrast decking for the brand-new family home.

Schuler Holzbau has been thrilled with the long-lasting effects of Accoya and is looking forward to using Accoya Color for future projects.

Wood species: Accoya® Color Grey

Client: Schuler Holzbau, Switzerland

Article courtesy: Accoya®

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