Upper Canada BC introduces Floran® by Losán

Nov 25, 2020

Bring inspiration to life with the finest European Oak collection of veneered panels - manufactured by Losán and made from the highest quality wood, interpreting the language of nature.

Spaces created with wood are always extremely elegant and striking. Wood as a natural element transmits sensations which cannot be imitated by artificial materials. Losán manufactures veneered panels for a wide range of uses in its factories in Emmen, The Netherlands. Its technical properties and aesthetic qualities make it the ideal decorative solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Working closely with architects, designers and furniture manufacturers, Losán has created appealing surfaces, inspired by nature. The heart and soul of Losán can befound in forests; the conservation and regeneration of forests is their interest and one of their top priorities.

For samples and pricing of this exciting new product line, contact your local Upper Canada Sales Consultant.

Browse the Floran® By Losan Collection here.

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