GlossTouch™ & VelourTouch™ collections by PÜRDECO™: beautiful and worry-free panels

Jan 14, 2022

Capture today’s trends of extreme matte finishes and vibrant laminated panels with the VelourTouch™ and GlossTouch™ Collections by PÜRDECO™. Bring an eternally admired look, creating soothing, fresh designs to any space using VelourTouch™’s selection of contemporary matte colours, formulated to coordinate with the GlossTouch™ collection for seamless mix and match inspiration.

VelourTouch™ Collection: Ultra-Matte Solid Colours

PÜRDECO™ VelourTouch™ captures today’s trends of extreme matte finishes and painted cabinet looks. Quality, beautiful, worry-free and affordable materials are manufactured by Olon just for your building needs. Available in 12 contemporary neutral colours, the VelourTouch™  surface is silky to the touch, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant.

Why VelourTouch™?

  • Exclusive Olon collection of 2D ultra-matte solid colours
  • Anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant
  • Ideal for resurfacing projects and new installations
  • Recommended for vertical, light duty surfaces

GlossTouch™ Collection: High-Gloss Solid Colours

PÜRDECO™ GlossTouch™ laminated panels are modern, contemporary and have a mirror-like finish. This collection of neutral solid colours are vibrant and fresh. Beautiful on their own, or paired with other panel products such as wood, TFL woodgrains or ultra-matte specialty panels like VelourTouch™. These high gloss panels add a high-end European feel to any residential or commercial project.

Why GlossTouch™?

  • Made from superior PUR glue technology which allows for a very smooth application in production and smooth panel surfaces
  • Uses all North American manufactured MDF with an ultra-sanded surface that is CARB2 compliant and locally sourced close to the facility
  • Perfect for vertical applications such as kitchens, bathroom vanities, closets, office, hospitality and store fixtures
  • Finished with the same material on both sides

PÜRDECO™ is the laminated panel division of Olon. All panel production, including stock collections and custom lamination, fall under this umbrella creating a solidified program in North America using PUR glue technology for panels available in Canada & the USA.

Browse the VelourTouch™ and GlossTouch™ Collections here

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