UCS Forest Group pledges sustainability as core value, launches new Sierra Forest Products, Upper Canada Forest Products websites

Jun 30, 2022

The company aims to be carbon neutral by 2026, and climate positive by 2030.

At UCS Forest Group, our Values – Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment, Innovation – are our grounding principles, defining how we Deliver the Difference to our customers since our doors opened in 1986.

These four pillars of our business put our customers, our partners, our communities, and our planet at the heart of our business and drive our continuous pursuit of moral excellence and leadership.

We have always believed that respect for the earth and a deep commitment to sustainability are crucial to how we conduct our operations and select our products. Now, we also believe it is critical to formalize that commitment.

UCS Forest Group is officially adding Sustainability as our fifth core Value with this pledge: to be carbon neutral by 2026, climate positive by 2030 and committing to supporting a climate fit future for all of us.

Today, the earth depends on us to change, to protect us all.

As part of our pledge, we are launching a new digital experience for our customers to enhance product knowledge, transparency, and decisions. We are thrilled to introduce our new Sierra Forest Products and Upper Canada Forest Products websites, featuring a rich and growing digital product catalog with details, specifications, links, downloads, sustainability features and more.

This enhanced product knowledge offering for customers will complement the ongoing personalized and expert consultation support from our Sales and Specification Representatives on your unique product or project needs.

The new sites introduce quick and intuitive search to find the products you need — as well as clear paths to browse products by type, brand, and application. Filter on product listing pages by color, texture, and sustainability characteristics. Order samples and place quotes with ease. Optimized for mobile, you can access product information from the shop floor or the design studio with our seamless mobile experience.

“At UCS Forest Group, sustainable practice has always been a foundational principle in our work. By sourcing materials that offer the best in form and function, and reduce our environmental footprint, we are Delivering the Difference to our customers, our partners, and our planet,” said Warren Spitz, President & CEO, UCS Forest Group. “We are excited to introduce our Sustainability pledge as the next evolution of our promise to our customers. With transparency and innovation at the forefront of this pledge, we are putting product knowledge and access into your hands with our new powerful digital customer experience.”

For more information, please visit our new Sierra Forest Products website for the United States and our new Upper Canada Forest Products website for Canada.

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