Uniboard® TFL: redefining wood for interior design

Mar 2, 2022

Uniboard TFL offers a wide array of finishes from specialty 3D textures to European high gloss. These finishes draw from a variety of influences — from Italian luxury to rustic décor all made in North America. Uniboard offers the most extensive family of exclusive textures, with unmatched versatility, elegance, craftsmanship and design.   


A natural wood veneer finish, Aura has a low luster polish and complex woodgrain that mimics real wood. Appreciated for its versatility while the soft touch is perfect for horizontal application in office furniture. 

Brushed Elm  

The Brushed Elm finish delivers a high-end luxurious deep brushed wood texture. Perfect for commercial and residential designs, the 3-dimensional nature of this finish creates beautiful relief and unique light reflections in all applications.  


In the likeness of linen fiber, the Calico finish provides all the softness and versatility of a woven material. The subtle crossing of textile fibers gives a smooth, pliable appearance while offering a chic and modern touch that is perfect for any decorating project.


Often referred to as a base finish, the Dolomite finish has a medium reflective quality that hides fingerprints and wear over the long-term.


Inspired by contemporary Italian styles, Nobella offers an exclusive synchronized deep wood texture with the added benefit of TFL durability. Luxurious and sleek, Nobella is an ideal finish for modern design.


Omnia is crafted to display a fine surface micro texture and low sheen. These two qualities lend versatility and a feeling of augmented reality to a multitude of commercial and residential applications.


Linear and 3D, the Rio finish offers an authentic modern brushed surface texture. The rustic decor is enhanced by this rich and highlighted texture.

Riviera Oak

Pushing the boundaries of the likeness of a real wood texture, it brings together different circular and linear patterns reminiscent of the elegance of the Oak woodgrain.


This finish is characterized by a deep relief that provides a pronounced 3D visual.


Allowing to play with depth effects. This smooth and matte finish is prized for its touch of lightness.

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