Wood in architecture: trends for 2022

Feb 10, 2022

In 2022, the global megatrend of sustainable architecture and building practices will continue. Architecture trends influence the choice of materials both indoors and outdoors, making timber a strongly preferred material. Download the Architecture Trends 2022 report.

Key takeaways from the Architecture and Design Trends 2022 report:

Commitment to sustainability
Sustainability, responsible use of materials, and the rise of the ‘biophilic design’ trend are predicted to be the leading design trends of 2022. Building and construction sector is responsible for around 39% of energy and process-related CO2 emissions and 36% of final energy consumption (Survey by BIMobject) making it one of the most polluting industries out there. Luckily, more and more architects, engineers, contractors, and owners/operators are starting to put sustainability high up on their agenda. Choosing wood as the main building material for urban living spaces can have a substantial impact on the environment and people’s well-being.

Designing for wellness
The global megatrend of sustainability manifests itself also in the small changes we do inside our homes. It includes using timber for interior design, opting for earthy colors, incorporating a “living with less” attitude to leave a smaller ecological impact, and creating home spas and saunas for much-needed relaxation. Taking care of your physical and spiritual well-being has become a priority for many and it includes making our homes the central place for it.

Charmed by wood
 Sustainability is a complex theme that comes with many challenges. When it comes to building sustainable living environments, the choice of material matters a lot. Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material, with a lighter carbon footprint than steel or concrete. And when opting for thermally modified wood, it is treated only with heat and steam, no chemicals. Timber may be an ancient building material, but it can be used in contemporary ways without losing its sustainable values. A variety of timber profiles and colors help you get the texture and depth that you wish for your home.

Article provided by www.thermory.com, Wood in Architecture: Trends for 2022, published on December 29, 2021. 

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