Design with Intention: Introducing eight NEW Prism TFL colours by Arauco

Feb 9, 2023

Inspired by holistic wellness and human-centric design, Prism TFL is curated to lend creative balance to designers’ palettes with comfortable yet fresh colours, earthy and rustic elements, and bold textures that add a sense of wellness to the spaces where we live and work. A truly sustainable surfacing solution, Arauco’s substrates are made from certified, recycled, recovered, and/or controlled sourced wood fiber.  

2023 is the year to design with intention. Immerse yourself in eight NEW Prism TFL exclusive colours from the 2022-2023 collection.




Inspired by the whispering willow this warm grey brings a softness and subtlety that evokes calmness and clarity in today's faster paced lifestyle. Neutral grey tones are essential for any given decorative space, the light, warm hue of Willow can both stand on its own, or act as a design complement to create cohesive spaces when combined with Prism's exclusive collection of designer friendly woodgrains and patterns.



SF256 Mist

With blue and green continuing to claim their stake as trending colours, Mist is a bright, airy green tone that makes a statement in clean, open-space applications. It is suitable in kitchen, bath, cabinets and healthcare applications.




The original and true colour of nature, Verde is a bold and unique organic green. Verde creates a soft, deep eucalyptus colour tone favourable to residential applications including kitchen and bath projects.




Roja is a playful tone that incorporates the earthiness of a light terracotta clay and a hint of pink. As the trend to use more natural-looking products in various spaces like retail and hospitality continues to emerge, colours like Roja can enhance the warmth of accompanying woodgrains in any interior application.

SF258 is coming soon to the digital catalogue!




Urban works well as an Oak alternative. A sanded structure and pigmented oil finish provide depth and texture. A delicate blend of white and grey, this soft woodgrain has a refined modern feel that works as both a stand-alone statement or a complement when paired with other woodgrain and solid colour design features.




Rogue Valley Pear is a red-brown wood that brings together modern elements of newly designed spaces. With soft movement and subtle, smoky undertones, this updated pear can bring a traditional yet modern feel to any application, specifically office furniture, closets and fixtures.




Pelee Island Pear meets the demand of current trends with its warm, blond hue. Contrary to traditional pear décors, this design features small, flowery growth lines, creating a lively structure suitable for office furniture, education, and hospitality applications.




Metro is a warm brown with subtle red highlights and can be placed in a wide range of interior applications. Whether elevating residential designs, defining hospitality spaces or adding colour and texture to an office, Metro creates the elegance and simplicity that is being sought by today's designers.


Learn more about Prism TFL here.

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