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Jan 18, 2023

Hettich combines intelligent technology, functionality and design to develop and produce fittings for a variety of functions. As the largest European Hardware Manufacturer in the world, Hettich understands that good furniture needs good solutions – for the home, working world and quality of life. 

With innovation and design at the forefront, Hettich took home three awards from the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards. As one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design, these awards acknowledge the quality of their products – specifically the AvanTech YOU drawer system, Sensys hinges and Quadro drawer runner system. 

AvanTech YOU drawer system 

The AvanTech YOU drawer system fascinates by its linear style and very small radii and dispenses completely with the need for cover caps or exposed holes in the drawer frame. High-quality aluminium trims give the system a purist appearance and easily interchangeable design capes give your client all the unique design capability they could ever ask for while keeping production simple, efficient and clean. 5D adjustability allows slim reveals and precise alignment. With the latest addition of the AvanTech YOU Illumination you can now integrate LED lighting in both your standard and glass sided drawers. With no hard wiring Hettich has stayed true to it’s focus on both design and function. Furthermore, the AvanTech YOU offers great running action and high stability with a load capacity of up to 80 kg by utilizing either the Quadro or Actro Slides. The AvanTech YOU puts the design in YOUR hands. From colour, texture, size and movement; YOU can now truly bring that vision to life with the AvanTech YOU Drawer System.

Sensys hinges

With a full range of integrated hinges from standard, wide angle, aluminum frame and even glass this wide angle hinge makes it possible for furniture doors to close automatically and softly from the unusually wide closing angle of 35 degrees regardless of the door’s size or weight. With the Wide Angle Hinge’s zero protrusion engineering, the door is eminently suitable for cupboards containing internal drawers without the need for spacer profiles. With the addition of a simple clip on these hinges they can become both soft close and soft open to extend the harmony in your design further than before. Finally, with Hettich’s latest addition of the auto-retracting Push-to-open mechanism working in tandem with our Sensys hinges we are the first in the industry to be able to offer a completely soft close and push-to-open solution throughout your entire space.

Quadro Compact FE 20 drawer runner system

The Quadro Compact FE 20 runner system is the latest in award winning solutions achievable only because of it’s superior engineering and steel ball bearing guides. From your living spaces to freezers and ovens the Quadro runners bring superior performance to the most unimaginable applications. With the additions fo the Compact FE 20 Hettich has gone even further. While maintaining its superior performance they have compacted the Quadro slide into a unique slim design. This allows for you to bring superior solutions to hyper sensitive needs such as wine racks opening and closing without shaking, so that the stored bottles are always moved gently. A hybrid ball bearing ensures particularly quiet, low-vibration guidance of the runner. Optional features such as the damped self-closing mechanism increase user comfort.

At Hettich, it’s not just about the quality of their products, but also about taking responsibility for the world we live in. After implementing its sustainability principles in 1993, Hettich has reduced specific CO2-emissions by 55% from 1996 to 2019 in the Hettich Group worldwide. In order to continue to promote sustainable thinking and action, Hettich reaffirmed their sustainability responsibility in 2020 with goals including continuously reducing their CO2-emissions, optimizing the recyclability of their products and promoting biodiversity at all their sites. 

Available portfolio of products: 

  • AvanTech YOU drawer system
  • InnoTech Atira drawer runners
  • Actro 5D drawer runners
  • Quadro drawer runner
  • Sensys hinges 
  • Intermat hinges 
  • Sliding and Folding Door Systems
  • Dowel & Cam Connectors
  • Waste Bin and Drawer Organizers
  • Flap Fittings

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