Mar 28, 2024

This past Earth Day, we took a moment to reflect on and celebrate the beauty of our planet. As we strive to be carbon neutral by 2026 and climate positive by 2030, we’re not alone in this endeavor. We are grateful for the ecosystem of like-minded partners who supply our business. We wish to make special mention of two recent partners who help us ensure we walk lightly on the earth when it comes to our printing and our swag items: Hemlock Printers and Ethical Swag. These teams share our vision for a sustainable future and play a crucial role in helping us maintain our environmental pledges.

Hemlock’s Dedication to Sustainability
Hemlock Printers has been a beacon of sustainable practices, operating as a carbon neutral company since 2007. The company’s dedication extends to recycling and waste reduction, achieving a remarkable 99% recycling rate for paper waste and effectively recycling other production materials. Hemlock’s green printing technology further exemplifies its sustainable ethos, with the installation of high-efficiency UV presses that significantly reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. Hemlock’s initiatives, such as the introduction of carbon neutral paper solutions and their plan to be Zero Waste by 2030, showcase their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the world’s forests. These concerted efforts reflect Hemlock’s deep-rooted belief in the circular economy and its role as an environmental steward in the print industry.

Ethical Swag’s Sustainable Approach
Ethical Swag stands out as a leader in sustainable promotional products for its rigorous selection of suppliers who meet strict audits related to social compliance, environmental impact, and product safety. The company’s commitment to our planet is embedded in its DNA, prioritizing ethically sourced products made from recyclable, organic, or biodegradable materials, ensuring that every promotional product aligns with the highest standards of sustainability. As well, Ethical Swag has helped us source from vendors in keeping with key UN Sustainable Development goals. This dedication to sustainability is not just about offering products; it focuses on fostering a culture of conscious consumption and empowering others to make choices that align with their values and have a positive impact on our planet.

Together, with Hemlock’s innovative printing solutions and Ethical Swag’s responsibly sourced promotional products, we at Upper Canada Forest Products make choices to benefit our planet and our customers. We greatly appreciate the efforts of those who help us stay true to our sustainability values and inspire us to continue making a positive impact on our environment.

Let’s keep growing together, for our planet and for future generations!

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