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Jun 13, 2024

As colour trends shift with time, we see consumer demands for kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, and other interior projects change with them. Each year, new colours are chosen as Colours of the Year, with different hues growing in popularity and others losing favour. In 2024, according to Architectural Digest and Dura Supreme’s Curated Colour Collection, we’re seeing an increased emphasis on muted blues and serene, darker tones like natural deep browns, greens, and charcoal grays. These colours are all reminiscent of natural scenes—from misty blues and earthy, reddish browns, to dark night skies and charcoal campfires. 

Using our website’s Colour Filter, manufacturers can sort by the colour demands of their projects. From choices like Amber, Cream and the popular Green and Blue, using the Colour Filter can ensure that you see the available panels in your colour choice. Simply filter on the left side of your screen and click any or all colours to choose from.

Meet the ever-changing demands of colour trends and interior design with our easy-to-use Colour Filter. 



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