Our Vancouver office renovates using Avonite Surfaces® and Element Veneer

Our Vancouver Office redefines workplace renovation with innovative materials such as Avonite Surfaces® and Element Veneer plywood. 

Our team has always been at the forefront of introducing the latest and most innovative products to the market.

When we decided to give a makeover to our Vancouver office, we didn’t have to look too far. As a proud North American firm, we turned to some of our trusted brands Avonite Surfaces® and Element Veneer for renovating the workplace.

Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Avonite offers an array of tones and textures providing a high-end aesthetic solution for various scenarios. Homogenous throughout its thickness, the material allows for careful cutouts, as well as sanding of its surface, capable of giving it a luxurious sheen at all times.

Element Veneer plywood

Element Veneer uses fast-growing sustainably managed wood species – Obeche and Basswood. Also known as ‘engineered’, ‘composite’ or ‘reconstituted’ veneer, here real wood is re-engineered to look like other wood species. This is a more environmentally responsible alternative to using other rare and exotic wood species. Additionally, it also provides consistent colours and grain patterns.

Starting from blueprint to the final installation, our Vancouver office’s renovation took seven months to complete. At first glance, it looks like a simple task, but looks can be deceiving. Apart from pre-stained engineered Element Veneer panels, and Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface, there were a variety of other materials used on this project such as aluminum laminate and metal framework.

A number of intricate components and materials came together to make this project an extraordinary success. The solid surface portion was subcontracted to SSC Countertops who put Avonite Surfaces® to the test. Part of the office woodwork required “paper drops” in the work surface, a lower section of the work top designated for work orders. Instead of a square drop, a multiple 2” radius was fabricated on the solid surface giving it a much smoother flow and adding an element of workmanship.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project was to create a ‘clean office’ look, free of wires, visible grommets, and electrical boxes, while still accommodating the users’ needs. The challenge on the solid surface was that the work surface front edge was self-supported. SSC Countertops team commented, “It was especially difficult, when thermoforming, to remain straight over a long distance.” An exciting element of the job was dealing with ‘out of the box’ designs and materials that are rarely used and sometimes never seen or heard of.

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